Who We Are

We are a property education and investment company.

We believe everyone can achieve financial freedom and it is our aim to help everyone get out of the rat race. Why? Because we have been there and understand how tough it might be.

Of course, we want to build a sustainable business too and we aim to do so by providing practical education and services that works to property investors from all levels in a responsible manner.

Adrian Un, CEO and Co-Founder

Adrian Un is the CEO of Skybridge International and is the renowned speaking tn the realm of smart real estate investment strategies.Adrian Un started investing in properties at age 19. In his career spanning over 20 years, he has won numerous awards and made millions through property investments. Adrian is a regular contributor with The Edge, Personal Money, Property Buyer as well as a highly sought after speaker in Asia. As the CEO of SkyBridge International, he now leads a team of people to provide practical education to both novel and seasoned property investors.

Maybank Property Talk (Malaysia) - 2013
Malaysia Property Investment Talk, SingCapital (Singapore) – 2013
Property Guru – Malaysian Property Showcase (Singapore) – 2012 / 2013
Millionaire Club members, Ireka Berhad, (Bangladesh) - 2012
Real Estate Agent Talk (Indonesia) - 2012
Malaysia Property Showcase (Hong Kong) – 2012
HSBC Private Banking Customers (Malaysia) – 2010
Shanghai Property Expo (China) – 2010
AZEA Property Investment Talks (Malaysia) – 2009 till present
Visit Malaysia Year Expo (Korea) – 2008
SK Brothers Property Conference (Malaysia) – 2007

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