Last night, I watched the movie “Assault on Wall Street” staring Dominic Purcel, at home. I was expecting gunfire, bomb explosions and car chases. It did have all these 3 elements but for the first hour, I was more captivated with the storyline about how a husband struggled against all odds to have enough money to pay his mortgage and his tumour stricken wife’s hospital bills. In the movie, it also showed the dark side of bankers or investment analysts (and lawyers…of course) who couldn’t care less about the well-being or welfare of common man when the economy takes a hit.

I think the message that I am simply trying to hammer home is about moral hazard. When times are good, you are being pursued relentlessly by these so called industry experts to invest in properties and what have you. But, before you part with your hard earned money to these so called “experts”, spare a minute.

Here are some of my questions to you:

  • Have you performed enough due diligence on the presenter or expert?
  • Do you have enough contingency savings to last through the difficult times?
  • Are you financially savvy enough to understand all the financial terms presented to you?
  • Are you making the decisions yourself or the expert is making decisions on your behalf?

Moral hazard is where the expert or investment analyst makes investment decisions with your money and not having to bear the responsibility if your investment takes a hit for the worse. So bear in mind, before you seek advice from anyone, please perform due diligence and never ever over leverage no matter how attractive the proposition is.

How and what do I mean by performing due diligence before making a property investment? Thinking I’m just yet another “expert”? Well, here’s the thing –

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Here’s yours.

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